Monday, November 30, 2009

Zoo Negara 另类游

A visit to the Zoo with different perspective.......

animal sculptures....

stone ladybirds...
and of course, paintings....

Asian Elephant, Elephas maximus

Giraffa camelopardalis

But surprisingly, found most abundantly are :
Homo sapiens, moved in packs, predominantly led by an α-male, accompanied by an α-female, and their young ones.

and of course, lots of ballon animals...
Pooh Bear and Miney Mouse
ticket :
RM25 - Adult ( expensive ! )
RM9 - Children ( 3-12yrs old )
RM9 - Senior citizen (>60yrs old )
RM35 - Adult
RM18 - Children

Putrajaya Wetland Park


思念 。。。

白树 红树

Broga - a visit to Serdang Orchid Nursery


网外蓝 , 网内兰