Sunday, May 29, 2011

Traffic Light : Instruction or Advise ?

Traffic lights are signaling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossing and other locations to control competing flows of traffics.  They assign the right-of-way to road users by the use of lights in standard colours : Red, Yellow, Green.

Virtually, all jurisdictions in which traffic lights are used, it is NOT necessary an offence for motorist and other road users to disregard the instruction of traffic lights.

Some jurisdictions are very strict in enforcing the rules of traffic light. 
Sometime when a police officer is controlling the traffic, the traffic is jammed even more !
Sometimes we tends to wander if the traffic lights are easing the traffic or worsening it.
Sometimes, when a traffic light fails to function properly/poorly, are we still bound to its instruction ?
Can we, ( the maker of traffic lights ) make more sensible decision than the traffic lights ?

Pedestrians :
· Pedestrians can cross against a Red light, when traffic is clear. Y/N ?
· Pedestrians can cross against a Red light, even when traffic is halted. Y/N ?

Red :
· Turn left ( in the left-driving jurisdictions ) or right ( in the right-driving jurisdictions ), when traffic is clear.  Y/N ?
· Proceed cautiously at pedestrian crossing even if there are no pedestrians. Y/N ?
· Proceed with alert at an intersection when there are no other vehicles from competing lanes ( presently Green-lane ). Y/N ?
· Stop on Red, even if a police officer controlling the traffic. Y/N ?
· Can Ambulance/Police Car/Fire Engine beat a red light. Y/N ?

Yellow :
· Running an Yellow light. Y/N ?
· Stop on Yellow light. Y/N ?

Green :
· BLOCK THE BOX .  A vehicle stubbornly entering an intersection ( even if on a Green light ), but in unable to proceed and gets stranded in the intersection ( as the traffic ahead fails to proceed ), and remains in the intersection after the light turns Red, resulting in blocking other vehicles from other lanes. Y/N ?
· Stop to give way for emergency vehicles. Y/N ?

Who shall make the final call ?
...Traffic lights ?
...Traffic polices ?
...Judges ? or
...our common sense ?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chiling is Chilling 冷到冰