Monday, September 13, 2010

Lifeline of Gemas

Gemas 金马士 is a small town in the district of Tampin, of Negeri Sembilan.  It is located by the border of Negeri Sembilan-Johor, divided by Sg. Gemas. The Johor side of the town is known as Gemas Bahru 大港.

A long time ago, Gemas was originally known as Ayer Terap.  But later changed to “Gomeh” ( combination of English word “Gold” and local Malay dialect for gold, “Omeh” ) , subsequently “Gemas”
Gemas was the lifeline of Malaya’s railway service.  It was, and still is, the changeover for trains from the North, East Coast, and South.  Constructed in 1922, Gemas Railway Station had seen its days of glory when trains roar through the rainforest jungles of Malaya, connecting towns, connecting peoples as well……

Today, Gemas Railway Station houses 2 nostalgic 1946 model North British Locomotive Company steam engines, occasionally visited by wanderers, seeking for past memories.

In 2008, Malaysian government commissioned the construction of an electrified double-track connecting Seremban to Gemas.  The project scheduled to be completed by 2012.  Similar projects connecting Gemas-Johor Bharu, Rawang-Ipoh, & Ipoh-Butterworth, too is in various stages of completion.  Together, the new tracks will eventually cut short traveling time to all major towns along the East Coast.   Reviving the dying railway service, supposedly !