Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Everyone Can Fly

They can say whatever they like about the MAS-AirAsia share swap.  How it can benefits both airlines, the government, and even the rakyat.

Let the numbers tell the truth.


The Truths :

1. Firefly, a MAS owned budget airline, no longer serves certain routes, especially those of Sabah and Sarawak, allowing AirAsia to monopoly the market. 

Flights to Sibu from October 2011 onwards, are cancelled, despite tickets being sold.  Passengers were transferred to MAS, mostly without notifying the passengers in advance.   
Like it or not, AirAsia is the only budget airline flying in and out of Sibu.   

2. AirAsia, supposedly the one-and-only budget airline, yet monopolizing most local routes.  Once flew with the lowest price in the market, now sometimes charges even higher fare than MAS’ – a full service carrier airline.

A check on both airlines' website for flight depart from KLIA to KT on 28th April 2012, and return on 1st May 2012, shockingly shows that AirAsia charges higher than MAS !!! Whilst Firefly, our Community Airlines fares the highest !!!!   
Firefly RM715 > AirAsia RM642 > MAS RM576.  ( see if for yourself )

3. Before the swap, tickets from Sibu to KLIA costs at cheapest RM100 including all the taxes and charges ( whatever they are ).  Some can even get RM0 tickets.  After October 2012, the same route easily costs RM200, a 100% increase!

Get it ?  After the swap, AirAsia controls the fare.  He can now sell it at whatever price as he desires.  He calls the prices!!!  Still, we say its cheaper than MAS.  揸到 !

4. All the figures indicate that AirAsia is pulling potential travelers to buy his tickets, which is supposedly still lowest ( on average ) in the market.  While MAS and Firefly purposely markup their fare to his aide. 

Before the swap, AirAsia had to keep lowering its fares as Firefly is competing with him.  Now Firefly simply just withdrawed itself from the competing routes, or simply markups its ticket. 

Voilà !  The rakyat still preferred AirAsia ! 

So, guys !  Here’s the truth : while AirAsia rules the air, not everyone can fly !