Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Will Make You Cowl @ TheStar's Thumbnails

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Fallen Jalur Gemilang

Our beloved PM called on all Malaysian to fly our national flag – Jalur Gemilang ( Stripes of Glory ), in conjunction with Malaya’s 54th Independence Day  ( Federation of Malaya gained independence from British on 31st August 1957.  Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore then get together on 16th September 1963, to form Malaysia.  Thus Malaysia celebrate her 48th anniversary this year ). 


The Flag should be allowed to fly freely
Every year, our leaders call us to fly the Jalur Gemilang.  It’s a symbol of unity, so they said.  It’s a symbol of patriotism too !  Some years back, some political figures accused the Chinese community of being un-patriotic for not flying the national flag. 

Yes Sir, I noticed that you fly the flag at your multi-million castles and mansions, also on your expensive cars.

Yes Sir, patriotism for you is to manipulate the Police, Judges, Anti-Corruption Agency, and even the Election Commission for your personal gain.  Oh sorry Sir !  That was not you.  It sounds like you, looks like you, but its not you.

Yes Sir, patriotism for you is to steal our RMAF’s jet engines, logs in the forest reserves, collection from advertising licenses, non-submersible submarines, and all other public coffers.  Again, my apology Sir.  That couldn’t be you Sir, for you are a faithful public servant.

Yes Sir, patriotism is for you to serve your political masters, by sacrifice the people.  Power and money are the reasons for your involvement in politics.  No Sir, it was not you.  You are an elected representative of the people.  You won’t betray your constituent’s thrust. 

Fly or Fry

Some Local Government threatened the business owners not to renew their business registration license for not flying Jalur Gemilang at their business premises. 

Sir, is your flag-selling business not doing well ?  I am glad that your patriotism leads you into flag-selling business, but it seems like a bad business decision. 

Yes Sir, we are mere little fry on hot pan... being held ransom for our rights and privileges.  We were grab by the throat for the ever-rising water, power and fuel bill, extravagant price of imported cars & IT gadgets, inflating cost of essential foodstuff, skyrocketed un-affordable homes, and even books !

Yes Sir, we are small fry, fly only via low cost airlines, from low cost terminals, to low cost destinations, with low budget ; … while you Sir, fly first class with your entourage around the world visiting toilets and Disneyland.  

Now everyone kena fry, indeed !

Respect !  Rilek !

Mutilated Flags
Respect our Jalur Gemilang, we were told.

Malaysian are self-proclaimed well-manner people.  We respect each other.  We respect our national flag too.  But respect has a different meaning in our context. 

The standard size of Jalur Gemilang is 14’ height x 28’ width ( click here ).  But it seems that nobody cares.  Everyone have their own versions.  Some like it to be the biggest in the world.  Some want it to be longest. 

While some like to make if of refused material, others like to make it into cakes and eat it on Merdeka Day celebration.

Jalur Gemilang has different designs and sizes in the country.  Different materials, different flavours too ! 

While the politicians encourages the people to fly it on their cars and motorcycles, they don’t care if the flags were strongly cling to the vehicles.  After a whole month of fly-our-flag-campaign, the whole country starts another campaign : collect-and-dispose the fallen flags.   What an insult !

While our government agencies twisted and turned the flag, altered the design, tailcoat-cut it, and hang it under hot sun, cool moon, wind and rain.  Magnificent, is it not ?! 

Eeee… is it considered against the law, for disrespect to the national flag ?

Well, happy 48th anniversary, Malaysia !