Thursday, January 3, 2013

王子 学 古文 之 Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia


2011 July 7th - Menu Rakyat 1Malaysia ( MR1M ) was introduced by Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumer Affairs Ministry to offer budget meals to Malaysians.  The ‘poor’ can have breakfast for RM2.50 and lunch for RM4.00–RM5.00.


2010 June 24th – Najib was alleged to host about 100 guests for his birthday party in Sri Perdana.  Shangri-La Hotel KL catered for the event, the RM79,053 bill was billed to Prime Minister’s Office.

2011 June 13th – Najib was alleged to finance his daughter Nooryana Najwa‘s engagement ceremonies using public funds.  RM409,767 was billed to Prime Minister’s Office by Shangri-La Hotel KL.

2012 April 20th – Tourism Ministry spend RM3.4 million hosting a 3-day PATA conference.  Tourism Minister Ng YenYen defended her ministry’s heavy spending for dinners : “RM150 per person dinner in KL is not an issue…”

2012 May 14th  -  Najib hosted over 1,000 overseas Malaysian at the prestigious 02Arena, UK, in a “Meet the PM” event.

2012 October 2nd – Melaka CM Mohd Ali Rustam organized a ‘cheap’ wedding banquet for his son at Dewan Tun Ali Bukit Katil.  Some 130,000 people were said to have attended, which hit the Malaysia Book of Records.  Caterers and 500 volunteers provided their services for free !