Saturday, March 12, 2016

[toy]Box by Ongzi

[toy], read ‘toy in box’ is an out-of-box ( in-the-box, actually ) concept inspired by Ongzi Jr.  

Soft toys are nicely kept in plastic boxes, away from the dust and dirt, thus
safe and secure,
neat and clean.
Although [toy]BoxTM come in all sizes, 
big and small, 
they are extremely easy to 
stack and store, or
wrap and deliver, 
and certainly convenient to
bring and carry.

First of the [toy]BoxTM is [Bear]BoxTM Series…..  besides the popular [TeddyBear]BoxTM, there are also [PandaBear]BoxTM, [KoalaBear]BoxTM, [PolarBear]BoxTM etc.

Next in the pipeline is  [SesameStreet®]BoxTM : [Bert®]BoxTM, [Ernie®]BoxTM, the popular [BigBird®]BoxTM, cute [Elmo®]BoxTM, [CookieMonster®]BoxTM, etc. ( of course after negotiated the license from Children’s Television Workshop )

(toy)BoxTM and its products are trademark of Ongzi.  All rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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