Friday, November 12, 2010

Flag of Our Fathers

The huge bronze figures of soldiers were designed by Felix de Weldon, who also did Washington’s Marine Corps War Memorial ( also known as Iwo Jima Monument ). 

It was to commemorate some 11,000 people died during the 12-years Malayan Emergency.

This original national monument is a cenotaph set up by the British to commemorate the wars and honour the fallen heroes from WW I, WW II and the Malayan Emergency.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Klang Gate Quartz Ridge

Klang Gates Quartz Ridge is said to be the longest quartz ridge in the whole world. 
It is also home to 5 endemic plant species :   
Eulalia milsumi,  Aleisanthia rupestris,  Ilex praetermissa, Borreria pilulifera, and Henckelia primulina.

This is my second expedition to this big rock,
hoping to encounter the exotic species ...


Elegant pink flowers....

Well, this is Aleisanthia rupestris, a endemic plant species to KGQR.


a Poaceae's spikelets

a tiny Arachis/Zornia ??

and of course, quartz crystals.